Sunday, 21 May 2017

Learner Led Conference

Student led conferences are a fairly new concept to me so I felt the need to build my knowledge as the conferences are coming soon. Here is what I found.

Learner led conferences are a fantastic opportunity for learners to take ownership and actively share their learning with their parents. Learners ability to know how where they are, what they are working towards and their next steps also known as  ‘assessment capable’ has huge impact on student outcomes. This also develops a growing awareness and responsibility of themselves as independent learners.

In preparation for these important learner led conferences we have been setting expectations and going over the routines to make learners feel secure, confident for the big day. Our conferences will exhibit stations around the hub where the students show their learning and also make choices to what they want to show their parents, enabling a variety of experiences to be shown. This provides an opportunity for learners to actively use the learner quality Reflect asking themselves questions such as what do I want to show my parents? What will my parents want to see? Including learning where they struggled, learning where they improved, and learning where they need more help. This develops teachers, learners and students to participate in open and honest discussion.

After multiple conversations with colleagues around this topic here are some insights I gained:
  • Adding it into my reading rotation to practice? (with a buddy - reflection and feedback)
  • Time to celebrate successes - focus on the journey
  • Be prepared, particularly for the challenges

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