Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Get Epic!

A great resource I have found this year is Get Epic! 

Get Epic is instant, unlimited access to 25,000 high-quality books and videos for kids available on any device. There are all kinds of books on here - picture, non-fiction, chapter, fiction, long, short, read aloud, videos, comic books and more. 

- Free for educators!!!
- To start learners can choose their preferences of what they are interested in (what age they are, what format of book they like to read and their interests)
- Builds confidence through Audiobooks, Read to Me books  
- As an educator you can set activities, assignments, quizzes or books to read. 
- Learners can develop their understanding of themself as a reader.
- Real relevant learning - they promote books that are current whether it is a holiday or celebration.
- This is not just a digital tool that can be used for Reading but it can be incorporated into many other curriculum areas. e.g. Concept, Maths.  

Not only have I throughly enjoyed introducing this into my design of learning but my learners have loved exploring this app. 


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